2 simple and delicious salads

This morning I opened my eyes and was greeted with a beautiful day. The chubby robins that live in the trees out front were chirping and the sky was big and blue and… Continue reading

Vanilla cake with blackberry syrup

I find a lot of fun in cooking, especially in making sweets. I love making (and eating!) cakes. I’ve always loved them and the reason for this is not just because they taste… Continue reading

Broccoli with tofu

I love to read recipes.. that’s right, I read the ingredients, directions, and can usually tell what I think will work, how it will taste, and what changes I could make either to… Continue reading

Chicken stew

Today is rainy and windy and shivery and frigid, and to psychologically withstand such things, I made a delicious chicken stew with vegetables. A hearty stew is a good thing when the weather… Continue reading

Pudding, nuts and honey, all in a cup

Pudding, Pudding, Pudding. What a wonderful word! It rolls off the tongue just like the substance itself.  I’ve had a lifelong love of pudding that began as a child. Back in the early,… Continue reading

My tea ritual

I’m fascinated by morning rituals – the small things people do to gear themselves up for the day. I know some who eat the same breakfast, day in and day out. Some people… Continue reading

My simple and lovely mornings

I have been thinking a lot lately about life’s beauty. This goal of constant beauty has slowly trickled into every aspect of my life, and I’m realizing that I enjoy creating a picturesque… Continue reading

Autumn is here!

I finally started to feel the change in season. The crisp autumn wind is here and so are early morning chills. There are some rare glimpses of autumn shades. The temperature shoots up… Continue reading

Plums cake

When I was a kid, cakes like this one were on our table very often. My lovely mom or sister used to make them. They were filled with any fruit that was in… Continue reading